I'm Erin Jo. I'm thinking, writing, dreaming, mothering, loving, living, praising, BLESSED to be Fiona to my Shrek and Mommy to my four amazing kiddos.



Shrek is "like an onion with many layers" but has a heart of gold. He's my husband and my friend, and we just get better all the time.



Lily is my first baby and only girl. She's smart, funny, tall and kind. Keeping up with this girl is a challenge and a joy. She's terrific!



Max is one part ogre, two parts lover and all boy! Our little man has a temper but gives the best hugs of anyone I know!



Colby is as ornery as he looks. He flirts shamelessly, even with strangers. He's all mouth and curls and the loudest by far.



Luke is the baby of the family, but holds his own. He's happy and adorable. And he's a terrible sleeper. =)

Be True

Max's love for me keeps growing...

I’ve had such a nice Mother’s Day weekend. I spent all of my time with my busy, happy, healthy children. I watched a tee-ball game, shopped for flowers as my gift and got them into the ground and into baskets. I spent time with some of my other favorite moms: my mom, of course, and my sis, my aunts, my cousins, my friends. I started a good book. I shared our best-ever campfire supper with family and friends. This morning, the hubby and all four kiddos went to church with me, and I managed to hear part of the sermon, in spite of Colby, who has a newfound love of singing, and Luke, who doesn’t miss the chance to try out his happy chatterbox as loudly as he likes.

On Friday, a dear friend watched my babes so I could go to Mother’s Day Tea with Max at preschool. The night before, I’d asked him what he wanted to wear. At first he said, “That shirt. You know, the pinkish bluish one?” And then, “Well, I need a shirt with like blue and clouds on it and then a big red heart in the middle because I love you so so much… except for when you are being mean…” Mother’s Day Tea with him was sweet.

Lily delivered her card a bit belatedly this evening, but it was worth the wait!

That girl is such a gift. She really is smart and conscientious and motherly. Just a couple weeks ago she was taking care of me when I was sick. She was my nurse and my cook. That evening, she said she learned “that the butter goes before the cinnamon” on cinnamon toast. And I learned that my girl is gold. She’s growing up just the way I want her to grow. She knows it’s more important to be beautiful on the inside.

As we were leaving Lake Tweet today, we called out our customary farewells to the lake… “Goodbye, Lake Tweet!” “Farewell! See you next week!” “We’ll be back soon!” “Be true!” And the week won’t be perfect. The laundry won’t get done. And, truth be told, we never know for sure if we’ll actually get to camp in a week or not…

But we do know this. We are family. I am a mother, their mother, and they are my children. We’ll be true.

“Other things may change us, but we start and end with family…” – Anthony Brandt

And, just to be fair, because we mothers are nothing if not fair….

Our Colby....

And our very vocal, very mobile baby, Luke!

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  1. Patti Miller says:

    You are a great mother with your priorities right where they belong. Your babies are the one of the most important things in your life and you are raising them to be good, loving, caring adults. I love you all so much!

  2. julie says:

    I read this at like 2am when I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep. It made me smile and really let my mind go to all those great places in the past with kids and how wonderful our family is blessed to have so many smart and caring kids. I thought you guys were all great nieces and nephews, and now you, Kim, Jon, Heather, Teri …. you all are raising some pretty wonderful great nieces and nephews. Life isn’t always beautiful, but it’s a beautiful ride. Thank you again for sharing the stories and love of your life. I just love all the pics. And, I am not wanting time to go any faster, yet, I can’t wait to see Mr. Colby all grown up. I think he is going to be an amazing young man with a trait to bring joy to everyone he meets. Love you.

  3. Very nice post as usual! It is a joy to be a mom and the greatest gift is that no matter how old your children are, they are still “darlings!” I love being with all of you! Thanks again for your mothers day gifts and wishes. I love you. Mom

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