I'm Erin Jo. I'm thinking, writing, dreaming, mothering, loving, living, praising, BLESSED to be Fiona to my Shrek and Mommy to my four amazing kiddos.



Shrek is "like an onion with many layers" but has a heart of gold. He's my husband and my friend, and we just get better all the time.



Lily is my first baby and only girl. She's smart, funny, tall and kind. Keeping up with this girl is a challenge and a joy. She's terrific!



Max is one part ogre, two parts lover and all boy! Our little man has a temper but gives the best hugs of anyone I know!



Colby is as ornery as he looks. He flirts shamelessly, even with strangers. He's all mouth and curls and the loudest by far.



Luke is the baby of the family, but holds his own. He's happy and adorable. And he's a terrible sleeper. =)

A Break in the Weather


Perhaps one of the only good things about not blogging often is that I have an abundance of cute photos to use when I do. These photos are from Sunday, just three short days ago, when it was warm enough here in southeastern Ohio for short sleeves, bike rides and a walk hand in hand with some of your best friends.

These three crack me up. But especially Luke. I had to show the progression of all these photos, taken within seconds of one another, to show you how he is constantly on the move. He’d make an excellent flipbook subject. The kid never stops moving, looking for the next mess or discovery or snack.





This is a busy time for me. My day job has the upper hand on my many projects and pursuits. My brain is on overdrive, but I’m moving mountains. I’m proud of what I’m doing, even though it, in the long run, will not be remembered, will not change the world, will not matter to humanity.

But much of what we do falls in that category. The many things we do that matter only now are still important. They are the details, but not the fabric, of our lives.

But they give us daily work. Reasons to fight the snooze button through this first hard week of Daylight Savings Time. These details give us the incentive we need to actually work and to not waste away the hours on Facebook, which surely provides social relationships but leaves no official record or gain of the time we spend.

I’m saying that the weeks matter. Without them, the weekends wouldn’t be as sweet, the time we get to truly work on our own projects wouldn’t be so satisfying.


Our challenge, as humans and especially, as women, is to find that balance. To not only keep our bottoms off the ground on one side of one teeter totter, but on the numerous teeter totters we manage. Our balance is in knowing when we can leave something up in the air or down near the ground. There’s a perfect moment of equilibrium, and it is fleeting.

But when we find it, we hold tight. We take stock. We take a good look around. And life looks pretty good from here, where I can see all my teeter totters hanging in the air, good enough for now. Nothing’s on fire, no one is in danger.

We’re just fine.



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  1. Karen says:

    Nice blog. 🙂 I love the pictures, especially the one of them walking away. Those always make for great pictures. It’s hard to believe that Colby is the calmer of the two boys in these pictures. They’re all cute. They’re the rewards for making it through the other, more mundane stuff.

  2. julie says:

    great pictures, great blog. you know you are right, and you speak for everyone in knowing that life is right here, we have to make it count. glad things are being balanced…..

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