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“We Like to Say Hi to Daddy”


I owe you all a post-Mom Prom post from the last weekend in April, during which I traveled to the Queen City’s Mom Prom in North Carolina. In fact, here’s a shot of us being interviewed on the pink carpet, where I told the reporter, rather mischievously, that our favorite part of the flash mob dance was, undoubtedly, “saying hi to daddy.”

As you may recall from my Bloom post, Mom Prom is a pediatric cancer fundraiser. This cause is near and dear to my heart because of my young friend Ava Cole who lost her battle and the many others like her. Being able to experience that night with my ten girlfriends was a bonus!

Here’s a photo that says a lot… maybe not at first, but after a little while as you take it in. Here are our bedazzled arms, just before leaving the hotel for the big event, complete with our colorful Ava, BrAva, and CureSearch bracelets. A wheel with many spokes… a cause with many supporters. What do we want? A cure for cancer? When do we want it? NOW!

And, more specifically, our Ava could have used it sometime between March 2010 and March of 2012, when she earned her wings.


And so, we attended Mom Prom. We bought, we danced, we supported, we cried. We made memories. We shared our lives. We remembered precious little cancer warriors, some still fighting and some who have passed away, but all whose voices and wallets aren’t so big. We shared a toast to Ava, an incredible little girl that inspired all of us and helped to forge an iron sisterhood out of casual friendships. We bloomed.


And we schemed.

It is our intent to bring our own flavor of Mom Prom to the Mid-Ohio Valley. We’ll find our own way and do our part to continue the all-important fundraising for childhood cancer, which receives a paltry 5 to 10 percent of all cancer research funds. So those of you in the area: be ready. We’re recruiting you, in a dress, as a warrior in this fight.

And plan on me being gone next year, around the same time, for a special road trip with my girlfriends. We’re going to extend the trip, widen the crowd and skip town for another fantastic night at Mom Prom 2014.

6 Responses

  1. Jessica Yost says:

    An amazing cause and an amazing night! Glad you have all united in your cause. I’m sure it was unforgettable.

  2. Nikki says:

    Awesome—on so many levels!

  3. Christal Wallace says:

    What an amazing experience we had. The memories are endless. Can’t wait for next years trip and our own prom. Love you!!

  4. Roberta says:

    This is great and beautiful for so many reasons! I’m glad you all got to make the trip!

  5. Patti says:

    Truly an awesome group of women! Sad that we have to have these “warriors” in the face of such sadness and little vitims, but wonderful that they still have a voice to fight this awful disease! Glad you were able to make the trip and proud of all of you for planning our own MOV Mom Prom next year!

  6. Julie mayle says:

    Spreading awareness is so important. And showing support in so needed…..

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