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Luke is the baby of the family, but holds his own. He's happy and adorable. And he's a terrible sleeper. =)

Live Like a Puppy


My summer has bloomed in all ways. I’ve really taken the summer mentality to heart. In addition to not blogging much, taking trips without my kids and not caring one iota about the extra five pounds, I am not feeling guilty for any of it.

Guilt is such a strange thing. It pulls you down and wraps you up. It seeps its way into your subconscious and plays with your decision-making abilities. It leadens your heart and takes that spring right out of your step.

And sometimes you have to say, “Enough.” I’m enough. I’m driving many projects, donning many hats, pleasing many bosses, both large and small. And enough already. I’m fine. The kids are fine. I don’t have to climb that mountain. I’ll just stay here for now, thanks.

And so, this past weekend in particular, I’ve tried on a new philosophy. “Live like a puppy.” That means just what you think. Eat when you want to eat, sleep when you want to sleep. Take and give love freely. Slobber a little. (Ha! I couldn’t help it.)

I never live like this. In fact, I don’t think I really ever have. Even in my school days, I could never stop the madness. I have always been a bit of an overachiever, always aware of just about everything around me, always on the job. Even before the 24/7 that is motherhood, I was busy.

And I can’t say that living like a puppy is always a good thing. In fact, I don’t like people that live like a puppy all the time. (Ahem, some men under, oh… say, 40?)

But for me, right now? It’s a very good thing. A regroup. A siesta. A chance to enjoy summer. Precious moments with my kids. A bloom.

And to have all this wisdom and peace before I even hear the ocean? Incredible.

That’s in about nine days, but who’s counting? For now, this puppy is tired. And, in the spirit of the lifestyle and the fact that there is nothing I need to do now that can’t wait until tomorrow, I’m going to bed.



3 Responses

  1. Chirs Schweikert says:

    Great post Erin!!!! Funny, I was just thinking how vacation was coming in 9 days too and I just need to try to enjoy each day of summer that is left. Soon we will be running around crazy again!!! Enjoy your vacation as much as I am going to.

  2. Karen Rutter says:

    I think I tend to live like a puppy. I don’t slobber when I’m awake, but I think I do sometimes when I’m sleeping. 🙂 Nice blog, Erin Jo.

  3. julie says:

    So, you are back…lol.. I was just wondering if you would get any blogs in before school starts back up. Great blog, as always, and great picture. I don’t know about living as a pup, but since June 3rd I have pretty much been living like our dog Diesel. I wake up, eat, find my spot on the couch and sleep. I wake up when I smell food cooking again and eat….lol. Now though, I am doing better and promise to live my life as much like a puppy as I can. Love your insight on life. Looking forward to a visit soon, even if its a short one.

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