I'm Erin Jo. I'm thinking, writing, dreaming, mothering, loving, living, praising, BLESSED to be Fiona to my Shrek and Mommy to my four amazing kiddos.



Shrek is "like an onion with many layers" but has a heart of gold. He's my husband and my friend, and we just get better all the time.



Lily is my first baby and only girl. She's smart, funny, tall and kind. Keeping up with this girl is a challenge and a joy. She's terrific!



Max is one part ogre, two parts lover and all boy! Our little man has a temper but gives the best hugs of anyone I know!



Colby is as ornery as he looks. He flirts shamelessly, even with strangers. He's all mouth and curls and the loudest by far.



Luke is the baby of the family, but holds his own. He's happy and adorable. And he's a terrible sleeper. =)

Archive for ‘busy-ness’

Wonderful World

My reasons Ah, where to start? It’s been a long break from this blog, but I return to you in this space. I can’t say for sure that I’m rested or more inspired, but I’m more me. My children have grown just a little bit more. My motherhood has been rich with hugs, kisses and […]

The Next Thing on My List

Well, I, for one, think it’s high time I got back to blogging again. My life has reached a whole new level of busy-ness. I’ve picked up another day a week at work. I’m doing well in my new Origami Owl business. I’m playing volleyball again on Tuesday evenings. I’m teaching kindergarten and first grade […]

From the Trenches (& an Origami Owl giveaway!)

Oh, momma is tired. The bad news is that in less than twelve hours, I’ll be at work dealing with a couple of firestorms that have cropped up over the weekend. The good news is that I have celebrated ten years of marriage, launched my own side business and cleaned and decorated my house for […]


What a busy week! I’m well on my way to recovering. When I finally got home tonight with the kiddos, it was bedtime. But one look at this house told me otherwise. I was in severe Kenmore withdrawal. So out came the sweeper, and I got down to business. Lower level straightened up and swept; […]

So This Is Christmas

Merry Christmas! We’ve had another blessed holiday around here, save for a couple of babies with strep throat and some other selected, but small, crises. It was a good time, and I’m still orienting myself to this very day and hour (is it true that 2011 is nearly over?!?), trying to get all the technological […]

This Side of the Mountain

I have so much to talk about, but I am beat. So instead of posting all the gorgeous photos of holiday visits with family and friends and my best girlfriend’s wedding, I’m going to simply post this one. This is a photo of my four kiddos with the newest kid on the block, Mr. Quinten […]

On the Exhale

Well, I am still catching my breath. I thought I’d post a little photo essay tonight to show what we’ve been up to the past week or so. Busy? Why yes, but in the best way. Still trying to land on my feet. More soon!

Wine a Bit

My life right now is one to-do list after another. I’m preparing for a trip to Denver and three special events at work. I’m up to my eyes in details and trying to fit so many tasks into the matrix. All of this, along with my life, is incredibly overwhelming. But I’m hanging in. My […]

The Best Idea in the World

Lily and I had “the best idea in the world” tonight as we stood in line waiting to pay our admission into the high school Homecoming game. Sister hadn’t felt well all afternoon, but made an amazing recovery before game time. But standing there in that line with her, in the fall chill, with her […]

A Whole Lot of Magic

We’ve been so busy with holiday magic that there just hasn’t been time for a proper blog post. In fact, there isn’t time now, because, even though I’m very tired, I’m the only one in the house awake. I must sleep when the family sleeps! But really, our days and nights have been full of […]