I'm Erin Jo. I'm thinking, writing, dreaming, mothering, loving, living, praising, BLESSED to be Fiona to my Shrek and Mommy to my four amazing kiddos.



Shrek is "like an onion with many layers" but has a heart of gold. He's my husband and my friend, and we just get better all the time.



Lily is my first baby and only girl. She's smart, funny, tall and kind. Keeping up with this girl is a challenge and a joy. She's terrific!



Max is one part ogre, two parts lover and all boy! Our little man has a temper but gives the best hugs of anyone I know!



Colby is as ornery as he looks. He flirts shamelessly, even with strangers. He's all mouth and curls and the loudest by far.



Luke is the baby of the family, but holds his own. He's happy and adorable. And he's a terrible sleeper. =)

You Got This

I really like being a woman. Not that I have ever been a man, so I wouldn’t know the difference firsthand. But there’s a lot to like about knowing yourself, owning yourself and being part of a sisterhood of other women who hold one another steady as we’re teetering on the edge of sanity, women who help fill the table when we make time for ourselves, women who help us tell our story.

I’m so blessed to be a part of so many different groups of women. My family is full of them, for starters.

I’ve always been able to find solace in those in who share my DNA. I have a sister too. And that makes me one of the special women who experience that bond like no other. And I’ve got tons of sister-friends who rally, who wine a bit (we’ll feel better), who comment on dreary Facebook updates, text me or even tell me face to face the words, “You got this.”

And I see them share those words with each other in these same ways. And, in this busy world, in our somewhat radical 2012, when women are often the breadwinners, the movers and shakers, the traditional mother hens, the drivers, the do-ers, the center, these words mean so much.

You got this. You can do it. Trust your gut because it’s right. I’ve got your back. 

I know you all know how busy I must be, to let this blog slip to a new post only once a week or so. You know me well enough to know that writing grounds me. You know I must be fifty shades of crazy right now. You’re right.

And I’m trying to decide what the next three to six months look like. What do I need to be doing right now? Is the fact that I had chest pains yesterday a sign? Am I trusting my gut? Have I stopped long enough in the past two months to hear my gut?

I am seriously not sure where I, as a woman, want to be. Do I want to be in the binder? Do I have too many binders? Am I bound? (Get your mind out of the gutters, you Fifty Shades fans!) Seriously. I like the workplace. I like the homestead. I love the motherhood. Can I do it all?

Do I have this?

The truth is that I don’t know just yet. And the truth is, in spite of what our friends might say, we might not always get it. And that’s OK. I think what’s important here is that we believe we got this. And we should certainly be surrounding ourselves with women who tell us that, at the very moment we need to hear it.

You got this. Don’t worry. You rock. 


P.S. Sister Kim, we must take more pictures together. And Jessica, you are in so much trouble (with me.) We took our families to the beach together and didn’t get a single photo of the two of us. FAIL!!

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  1. Kim Cooper says:

    Super! Yes, more photos are needed. I guess that we lack them because we are always taking the pictures of the kids and forget to actually take one of ourselves. You are a crazy woman…a kind-hearted, glue-that-holds-it-all-together Momma. Your answer will be revealed to you…it will all work out! You got this! Love you!

  2. Roberta Pitts says:

    Hey girl,you are an excellent, super, time managing fool! You DO rock with everything you set out to do. You know you have to sometimes reach out for a helping hand and you’re always willing to offer one to others too.

    Don’t be afraid to also say no to something if that’s what is needed to keep things running or keep your sanity. That’s always a tough decision because we do want to do it all, but we are not meant to. -At least not alone. Thats what sisters, family, friends, and God are for.

    If anyone’s got it, it’s YOU, but don’t think you have to do it all or do it all on your own. Love you!

  3. julie says:

    Erin, I didn’t post last night, but I read it at about 2am. You are doing a great job with your kids, your life and there will be days that just seem to never end. At the same time there will be days that you never want to end. In today’s world of fast moving, never having time, raising kids is tuff. But, you have a great group of friends, you have a great family support group and you are not turning your back on what you enjoy. You just have to be willing to accept the fact that you are doing great. You got this , and I keep repeating this.. but, one day, you’re going to miss this. Love ya, Aunt J.

  4. Jessica Yost says:

    That was an epic fail, but we had our hands full of sand and babies. I was excited about keeping the boys on Monday. I’m sorry that didn’t work out. You are amazing, and I don’t know how you balance it all. Truth is, we don’t always got it, b/c we are human. But I like to think that most of the time, in every way that matters, we do. So proud to be your sister of the heart!

  5. Jessica Yost says:

    Oh, and chest pain is a very bad sign…slow down you move too fast. Listen to your body:)

  6. Nikki Butler says:

    “I like the workplace. I like the homestead. I love the motherhood. Can I do it all? Do I have this?” I ask myself this every day.

    The challenge is striking that delicate balance of each—because we’re not satisfied without each piece in play. But every day the pieces shift.

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